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Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society

The Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society (NES), founded in 1969, represents the professional interest of about 1400 members from four of the Nordic countries. The member organisations are:


The aims of NES are to promote collaboration between member organisations and individuals in the Nordic countries who have an interest in or are working with, ergonomics and the working environment and to facilitate the Nordic collaboration in international activities.


NES also increases and promotes knowledge about the interaction between humans and the environment in which they live and work and facilitates the use of that knowledge in the design of the environment, equipment and processes.




For members, NES signifies interest, skill, experience and credibility within the world of ergonomics and among other professionals.


Affiliation to the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) ensures strong international links between ergonomists throughout the world.


The Nordic Ergonomics Society provides ergonomists and those interested in the subject with a focus for important matters affecting the profession. Through various participative committees and interest groups, the NES addresses current and long term issues affecting the professional status and the development of ergonomics, including education and practice.


Members are encouraged to participate in the various activities of NES. Membership offers the opportunity to participate in the coordinating and marketing of the benefits to be gained from ergonomics.




The NES Conference, a major annual event, provides the opportunity for people to hear about, present and discuss topical issues to do with ergonomics and related disciplines. In addition to informative value, the NES Conference offers a strong social element and the chance to meet old and new colleagues. The conference language is English but some some sessions are in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. The conference program includes the Annual General meeting of NES and the presentation of awards.

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