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NES keynote: "Sleepless in the Nordics: enlighten your sleep!"

Sleep varies not only from person to person, but also from night to night. Why is it so difficult for many to maintain sleep regularity both in qualitative and quantitative terms? More and more scientific evidence is pointing towards the importance of sleep regularity, that is, going to bed and waking up every single day at the same time. In the Nordics we moreover have our own battle with an external phenomenon that can make or break your sleep: light.

Wessel van Leeuwen is the chair of the Swedish EHSS board and has been carrying out research on sleep, sleepiness and fatigue for almost 20 years now. This keynote lecture, entitled "Sleepless in the Nordics: enlighten your sleep!" will specifically put sleep into a Nordic context and look into Nordic solutions to improve sleep and increase daytime alertness.

All members of NES member societies are warmly welcome to join this lecture that will be followed by the NES annual general meeting afterwards:

Monday 10th June at 15:00 (CEST)

The Zoom link will be the same as for the annual general meeting.


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